14 Dead In Bus-Truck Accident In Andhra Pradesh. Incident happened at prakasam district of andhra pradesh, six children and four women were among those killed in the accident.

14 Dead In Bus-Truck Accident In Andhra Pradesh :-

Live Updates : Deaths were reached to 15 Now

14 Dead In Bus-Truck Accident In Kandukur, Andhra Pradesh

Today early in the morning a brutal accident happened at prakasam district where a bus and mini truck collided.As per the news we have six children and four woman were among those killed in truck-bus collision. The bus belonging to a private agency near kandukur in prakasam district.

Truck was carrying 40 persons who were travelling to malakonda to attend a marriage near Kandukur, said by local police and also stated that no passengers are there in bus during accident.

Reason For Accident :-

Local MLA says to media that both vehicles are in over speed and cant control during the accident and bus were fell meters away from the truck and caught fire with in minutes. Also said that 20 people were injured and have taken them to near by hospitals in a rush. MLA came to the spot in a rush and said we will giver better treatment to the victims. Near by village people also came to the spot and taken the victims out of the truck. Hope all victims will recover soon