17 Members Died in Rajahmundry РGodavari Pushkaralu 2015 First Day , A Very Sad incident is that 17 Members Dead in Godavari Pushkaralu Crowd in Rajahmundry.

17 Members Died in Rajahmundry


3 Members Died in Rajahmundry – Godavari Pushkaralu 2015 First Day :

11:00 AM : 17 People Were Dead As of Now , Several People were Injured. For Live Updates : Click Herenew1

A Very Sad Incident Happend in Godavari Pushkaralu 1st Day only.In East godavari District ,RajahMundry Incident Happend. All We Know, Godavari Pushkaralu Started on Tuesday Morning i.e 14-07-2015 By Ap CM Chandra Babu Naidu. After Few Hours Only Sad Incident Happend.

All hell broke loose when 17 pilgrims were crushed to death and many others were severely injured in the stampede that took place in the early hours of Tuesday when the pilgrims rushed into the river to take a holy dip.

17 people have lost their life in stampede at pushkar ghat. Please don’t rush to pushkar ghat, there are so many other ghats which are available with all the facilities. Please visit kotilingala ghat which is 1.5 km long.

In the chaos, people tried to dash for safety but another wave of several hundreds coming in from the opposite direction complicated matters.

Those injured had deep bruises and abrasions. There were no policemen to control the swelling crowd for quite some time.

Matters got out of hand as there were no ambulance services on the spot and that happened to be the reason for the disaster.

Confusion and mayhem ruled as the rush of pilgrims was enormous.

11:00 AM : 17 People Were Dead As of Now , Several People were Injured. For Live Updates : Click Here

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Hope, this Incident will not Happen Again.Police alerted But Its Cant Control due to Heavy crowd.

May their Souls Rest in peace