18 Indian students deported by US authorities:Recently Telugu students arrived at the Rajiv Gandhi International airport in Hyderabad on Saturday morning after being deported from the United States as authorities refused them entry into the country.These students arrived in an Emirates flight and apparently were denied entry at New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Seattle airports. Though the exact number is not confirmed, authorities say it was around 15. They apparently secured admission in the controversial Silicon Valley University and NPU in California.

18 Indian students deported by US authorities
18 Indian students deported by US authorities

The students stated that they had no idea why they were sent back even when they had answered the interview questions posed by the authorities. A student who wanted anonymity stated that “One officer said he was doing this on the boss’ order.” According to another student who had enrolled at the Northwestern Polytechnic University, California stated that the officials had said that he had some visa problem and had to get into another university and then reapply to come back. The students had kept on insisting that the universities had not been blacklisted but the officials did not budge.

18 Indian students deported by US authorities Due to ‘illegal’ part-time jobs

In the last 3-4 months nearly 90 students have been deported and this has happened besides all the adequate formalities required for visa and documentation The deported students alleged that they were ill-treated by the U.S. authorities despite holding all necessary documents. Anil, who was admitted to the NPU, said that Telugu students were being singled out and warned that they were joining a poor university and they better return. However, Indian students from other States did not face much problem, he said. The authorities had questioned them for several hours and those some of them were arrested.

Most universities allow the students to work legally once they are on a curricular practical training (CPT) or optional practical training (OPT) programmes. And in these cases, they are not deported. Students are being scrutinized heavily now. Authorities are even going back to universities and checking on student attendance, checking with local part time jobs and deporting students now. As there are ample part time jobs, most students take up jobs on landing there. Shocked by the recent deportations, many students have already left jobs,” said P. Anil Kumar, Director Youthworld Consulting.