18 Year Old Brain Dead Boy Gives Life To Three People. In Bangalore 18 year old boy met with an accident and leaving brain dead gives life to three people.

18 Year Old Brain Dead Boy Gives Life To Three People

18 Year Old Brain Dead Boy Gives Life To Three People :-

Kiran Kumar who went out on a long drive with his seven friends on 12th December and unfortunately the car met with an accident and their car forcefully hits a roadside tree and leaving Kiran brain-dead. Two people from 8 members were died on spot and another was died to injuries last week. Kiran suffered with serious head injuries and immediately shifted to BGS hospitals. There is no improvement in Kiran health condition and his blood pressure had shot up and he had slipped into a vegetative state.

Kiran’s Father said that on 12th December morning Kiran and his friends made a last-minute plan to go to Nandi Hills. By the time we knew, he was already in a hospital. During the last one week in the hospital, we had time to think and when doctors asked us if we wanted to donate his organs, it felt like the right thing to do. If someone gets a new life of because of him, he will have their blessings. On Saturday evening BGS hospital declared brain dead and kiran gave life to three people. His Kidneys was transplanted to a 58 year old man and his liver transplanted to a 48 year old woman. Kidney and liver transplants were done at the BGS Global Hospitals while heart transplant was done at Narayana Hrudayalaya, Hosur Road.