2 Women caught an accident at same time but survived

This major incident had happened at Karim Nagar at one spot. The two accidents happened at a fraction of seconds’ difference. Both the accidents had occurred but the women were able to survive after they met with accidents. The accident is recorded in a CC TV Camera footage in nearby glossary store has stunned everyone. Know more details from here..

2 women fall of bikes at same spot in separate mishaps

How the Accidents happened

One accident has happened because of the overtaking of the tipper lorry, at the same time with a few seconds gap another accident has happened just because of a stone that was on the road. In both the accidents the women were spilled out from the back seats of motor bikes.

In Karim Nagar, one bike going to court side to Shiva theatre has tried to overtake the tipper lorry. In this process due to the high speed the lady is not able to resist sitting on bike and suddenly she fall down from the bike.  The lorry driver has noticed this and he had attempt to sudden break. By that time the women has trembled down under the tipper. Fortunately she did not crash between tires. By wonder, she was survived. But due to heavy injuries, she is now admitted into hospital for treatment.

After a near few seconds, another accident had happened just because of a stone on the road. The lady fell down from a bike that is going from Shiva Theatre to court. This has happened just because of the simple stone on the road. The motor bike suddenly stepped on the stone to cross the same lorry. By this incident the women sitting beside the driving person has fall down suddenly. Fortunately she did not caught any injuries because the rode was empty. She woke up on her own and went on the motor bike.

This incident has stunned the people of Karim Nagar. The two incidents were reportedly happen a fraction of seconds gap.

Karim Nagar Lorry Accident Footage

Here is the Karim Nagar lorry accident footage of 2 women. Check the video.

Video courtesy Sakshi TV