20+ People Killed in Andhra Pradesh Due to Heavy Rains. More than 20 people from Andhra Pradesh died due to heavy rains on Sunday; however government declared 4 lakhs as compensation to victims.

20+ People Killed in Andhra Pradesh Due to Heavy Rains

20+ People Killed in Andhra Pradesh Due to Heavy Rains

The heavy rains lashed the AP state on Sunday. A total of 20+ people were killed in different parts of Andhra Pradesh due to lightning. The people who died due to heavy rains are from Nellore, Krishna, Prakasham, Guntur, East Godavarai, Anantapur and Srikakulam districts. The no of people who died from various districts are given below.

Nellore district – 6.

Krsihna and Prakasam districts – 4.

Guntur – 3.

East Godavari – 2.

Anantapur – 1

Srikakulam – 1.

AP CM reviewed the situation on Sunday

The AP CM Chandrababu Naidu reviewed the situation in the state on Sunday. The state government announced 4 lakh rupees to the victim familes as compensation. The money will be given to the victim families as early as possible  РCM in a meeting said. Several parts of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana received heavy rains under the impact of a low pressure area over Bay of Bengal. The rains led to flooding of low-lying areas and inundated roads, affecting the movement of traffic.

Not only Andhra Pradesh experienced this heavy rains. Even Telangana too experienced the same on Sunday. Hyderabad also experienced heavy rains. The rains will continues up to 3 more days said weather forecast.