28 Telangana Inter 2nd Year Students caught copying

On March 5th 2016, late on Saturday 28 Telangana Inter 2nd Year Students caught copying in entire Telangana state. The Intermediate examinations started on 2nd march 2015.The exams happen alternatively for 1st and second year intermediate students.

Students caught copying

As a part of these exams, English Paper examination was conducted by the Intermediate Board of examinations on Saturday, 5th march 2016. In this English Paper examination. In this examination, 28 students has caught malpractice from different examination centers. Among them, 8 students caught copying in Hyderabad and 8 students in  Rangareddy districts. 7 students from Medhak district, 2 students from Mahaboob Nagar, Adilabadh 1 student, Karimnagar 1 student, Nalagonda 1 student were subjected to malpractice case. Total 28 intermediate 2nd year students were caught copying.

The Intermediate Board has officially declared that 28 students were caught in malpractice. The total Number of students attended the English-2 paper exam was 4,08,151 and the number of students who did not attend was 23,747. This means 94.50 % of students has attended the English Intermediate examination.

So, students do not involve in any kind of Malpractices, because the intermediate board is strictly trying to catch them. Don’t spoil your carrier with malpractice cases.

Content Source : eenadu.com