85-Year Old Man Kills Wife and Son Over Usage of Air Conditioner

As per the police officials, it has come to know that recently, an 85-year old man supposedly killed his wife along with his sick son at their house in the Angamaly for making use of the air conditioner ignoring his command over it to for bringing down the power bill that is rising. Paul Painadathu after making a deadly attack on his 74-year old wife as well as 54-year old son using iron bar that is sharp edged at around 01:00 am also supposedly made an attempt for committing the suicide.

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Paul Painadathu Tried Committing Suicide

Police also said that, the old man Paul Painadathu who was a retired railway officer, has been under arrest and said that he is under investigation.

It is also known that, Paul Painadathu himself has telephoned his other son who is working in Qatar and told him about the incident. He also told his son that he is also going to commit suicide. Hearing this, the terrified son has immediately called their relatives staying in the neighborhood over the phone who then alerted the police officials.

Police about the Incident

As per the police, Paul Painadathu had warned over the extreme use of the air conditioner in view of increasing electricity or power bill. But both his wife as well as son, who recently have taken the treatment for the heart problem, have overlooked his advice and they have switched on the AC the previous night. Furious with this, Paul has come in to the room in which both of those people were sleeping and hit them using an iron bar. They both are spot dead says police.

Police also added that, soon after killing his wife and son Paul have tried killing himself by hanging from the roof but because of his old age, he couldn’t climb the ladder and that he is not able to commit suicide.