A single error can make a person billionaire for a single day. A single mistake done by SBI made a woman the richest person for a single day.

SBI accounting error makes this Kanpur woman super rich for a day

A single error can make a person billionaire for a single day

Even celebrities can’t earn 95,71,16,98,647 amount of money in a single day. But SBI made it possible to one lady, who is residing in Kanpur’s Vikas Nagar. Urmila who works as a domestic help, opened a savings account by depositing 2000 rupees with the SBI’s UPSIDC branch.

Two text messages made her to maintain various kind of emotions

Two text messages made her to feel the two kinds of emotions (happy and sad) in a short span of time. The first message is that her account was credited with an amount of 95,71,16,98,647. She suddenly shocked and went to the bank to check her account. To her shock the passbook also showed the same details. After some time another text message made her to feel sad that the same amount of money has been deducted from her account.

When she rushed to the bank with Prasad Tiwari, an account holder who helped her to open the account, when her account was checked, there was a balance of Rs 95,71,16,98,647.14. Even the bank officials, who could not easily read or calculate the figure immediately, were stunned.

A senior clerk stated that we had done it by knowingly

VK Srivastava, a senior clerk who also be in charge as manager, said it happened apparently because of a process undertaken to freeze a dormant account. Urmila’s account was dormant for some time as she had not maintained the adequate balance required to keep it going. It was, according to the bank employees, a way to communicate to the account holder that he or she could no longer use the account. As a part of the process, the bank credited a made up figure and then deducted it.

It need to be investigated thoroughly

“The bank is responsible for what has happened. What is the point in such a process?” he asked. He said when if the account was opened with Rs 2,000, then the woman should not have received the messages about the credit and deduction of that much huge amount in the first place. “It needs to be investigated thoroughly,” said Gupta.

For Urmila, all that matters is the actual amount that she used to open her account. “I do not want to contest as to how it happened. My only worry is the Rs. 2000. That should be safe,” said Urmila. The bank has now activated her account, which is showing the correct balance of Rs. 2000.