Action Hero Biju Malayalam Movie Review:After the success of his latest movie “Premam”, the current sensation of Malayalam cinema, actor Nivin Pauly, is all set for the release of his next film “Action Hero Biju”. According to sources close to the film industry, the movie, which is directed by Abrid Shine, is scheduled on 4th feb 2016 before going to movie check out Action Hero Biju Malayalam Movie Review.


Action Hero Biju Malayalam Movie Review & Story Plot

The film is, as the tagline says, a ‘ride with a police officer’. In the film, he is a cop, a first for Nivin. It has been two years since the film 1983 and understandably, for Abrid, a lot rides on the film. There is the pressure to deliver another hit especially since the last one not only ruled the box office but also garnered awards. “Pressure is inevitable, it is natural…be it the first, second or tenth film. A filmmaker is under a lot of pressure and, of course, I am there given that there is no formula for success,” Abrid says. The promos of the film have generated a buzz and the dedicated Nivin Pauly fan following is awaiting its release.

As a director, the break has been long, but like any director worth his job would, Abrid too has taken his time with this film. He spent close to 10 months on the script for which he collaborated with Muhammed Shefeeq. After the initial euphoria of 1983, of a film being accepted and embraced by the audience, it was getting back, once again, to the business of films. “On the whole, from scripting to post production, the film has taken two years. The story developed organically, naturally… but it took its time. We have been working, so technically it has not been a break,” he adds.

A policeman’s story was an idea that Abrid had nurtured for a while and when he shared the idea with Nivin, the actor was in. It was around the time that Nivin was looking to turn producer. Given their history, working together with Nivin as producer was easy, says Abrid.

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