Afghanistan and Pakistan earthquake toll rises to 311

Rescuers are struggling to reach the earth quake region in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The combined death toll from the previous day earth quake rose to 311. According to the officials 237 people died in Pakistan and 74 died in Afghanistan in the magnitude of 7.5 earth quake. This happened in the deep centered below the Hindu Kush Mountains which is in Afghanistan’s much populated area named Badakhshan region that is bordered to Pakistan, Tajikistan and China.Wais Ahmad Barmak who is the Afghanistan minister for the disaster management says that 266 people were injured in the Afganistan.

Afghanistan and Pakistan earthquake toll rises to 311

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People were Shouting and Crying

Pakistani government official Amir Afaq said Tuesday that civil and military authorities had reached the remote, impoverished areas in the country’s northwest to help the quake victims. “We are transporting tents, medicines and other items to quake-hit areas,” he said. The quake damaged nearly 2,000 homes in the area, he said.

Rescuers and military doctors had reached the earth quake zone immediately and have engaged in rescue search, Pakistani army spokeman Lt. Gen. Asil Saleem Bajwa said. The earth quake shook buildings in the Afghanisthan capital taht is Kabul on Monday afternoon for up to 45 seconds and created cracks in walls and shutting down power.

“I was praying when the massive earthquake rattled my home. I came out in a panic,” said Munir Anwar of Liaquat Pur in Pakistan’s eastern Punjab province.

“We have enough resources to handle the situation. Our top priority is to help those affected because of the earthquake,” Rashid told a news conference.

12 students at girl’s school were killed

Every one ran out from the buildings by shouting and crying.

“I thought it was the end of the world,” shopkeeper Iqbal Bhat said.

Kashmir’s Chief Secretary BR Sharma said the quake had caused limited damage, though in some areas “many houses and government buildings have developed cracks, and some have also partially collapsed.”