After 14 Killed in Shooting Storm in California 2 Suspects Dead: Recently in the shooting attack at California social services agency, it is suspected that one man and one woman would be the part of this attack which leaved 17 people wounded dead and 14 people killed in the shooting in the later police hours, officials said.

Details of Attack from Police Officials

One of the police officials was injured in the gun fighting with those two suspected people who have tackled in there gateway after they have flew away from the place in San Bernardino which was nearly 100km east of the Los Angeles.

Officials also took on person in to the custody who have seen running away from the vehicle. But, Police Chief Jarrod Burgan has told at news conference that the investigators were not sure whether that person arrested has links with this case or not.

after 14 Killed in Shooting Storm in California 2 Suspects Dead

The Police chief also added that he knew of no likely motive for this spree of shooting which stretched at 11:00 AM on the Inland Regional Center campus. This was the agency which serves the developmentally disabled.

The shooting storm marked to be as the deadliest US gun fighting after the mass murder at Sandy Hook Elementary School Newtown, Connecticut, attack in December 2012, in which 27 people along with a gunman were killed.

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Los Angeles Times which have cited the information from one of the senior federal authority who was closely observing the case have reported that, the investigators of this case have thought that one among the shooters have already left the party after having the argument and he again returned back with one or two companions who are armed.

The police chief also said that, he was known that someone have went away from party after a dispute but, he does not know whether the person returned or not.