AIBEA Calls Nation-wide bank strike. All India Bank Employees Association (AIBEA) called a national wide bank strike on the june 24 2015. The AIBEA called the strike in support of various demands of the State Sector Bank Employees Association (SSBEA).

Even before the nation-wide strike called by AIBEA on june 24, Unions of Associate banks, that comes under the State Sector Bank Employees Association (SSBEA) have also called for a strike on June 4 in their corresponding cities to fulfill their demands posed by them.

AIBEA Calls Nation-wide bank strike on June 24


AIBEA Calls Nation-wide bank strike on June 24

State Sector Bank Employees Association (SSBEA) has different unions of associate banks of State Bank Of India under the SBI like State Bank of Bikaner and State Bank Of Jaipur, State Bank of Travancore, State Bank of Hyderabad and State Bank of Mysore which were all associated with AIBEA.

AIBEA General Secretary Venkatachalam told that the various demands were posed by AIBEA. The demands include seperation of the associate banks from State Bank Of India, and the extension of compassionate appointment scheme as per government guidelines, increase in the staff in the house loaning, and to recruit the sub-staff and part-time employees and to resolve the pending demands and many other demands were posed by AIBEA to the government.

AIBEA Calls Nation-wide bank strike:

Venkatachalam also confirmed that it is too difficult to handle the banks that were united with the SBI.

Due to the strike posed by the AIBEA the people will face a lot of problem due to this. And the people are have been intimated to do their bank transactions before the strike, so that they can get rid of the problems that may arise if they are in need of money on the day of strike. Even if the people can get need of any transactions may not be possible as all the banks gets closed.

But the people have the option to perform the operations online. They can perform the bank transactions through the online net banking or they can get use of the ATM to deposit or to with draw the money from their accounts. The transactions that are in associated with the bank are not possible.