Akhil Movie Postponed Because of Baahubali

Akkineni Nagarjuna said that Akhil film was postponed with another date due to Baahubali which is a visual effect and high budget film. To get the good success the movie should release at right time and this is Akkineni Akhil’s first film in Tollywood. Akhil fans are eagerly waiting for the film to watch, but this is sad news for Akkineni fans and Akhil fans. As per the following information of backlash from Akkineni fans from last night, Makers of Akhil film, Akkineni Akhil’s debut film are together reach the press to convey their information of apologies to the fans of Akhil about unfortunate postpone of Akhil movie.

Akhil Movie Postponed Because of Baahubali

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Akhil Fans gets disappointed

Akhil movie was produced by Sudhakar Reddy, directed by V.V. Vinayak and Actor Akkineni Akhil, this is the best combination of Vinayak and Akhil and fans are waiting for the film to get entertain. In the press meet, Nagarjuna says that due to reason of huge talk about graphics and visual effects of Baahubali, audience were much appreciated with the high standard VFX. For Akhil movie also great response has been expected. So the VFX for Akhil movie need to be made somewhat stronger, so there is no alternate option the film Akhil get Postponed.

Nagarjuna Opinion about Akhil

Akkineni Nagarjuna said that he was very confident where as Akhil movie release is going to be on best date and which is expressed with full confidence about the film success. Total film maker team was stronger with positive thought that the film is going to have a great success and unexpected response from the audience. Nagarjuna is also said with confident about the film story and results after getting the response from audience for the film. Akkineni Akhil Career is purely going to depends on the first film Akhil with his action. Fans of Akkineni get cool by knowing the information from Nagarjuna which is again looking forward for Diwali as an entertainment for the festival.