Akkineni Akhil’s debut movie Akhil The power Of Jua Movie Story  is based on English writer Oliver Bowden’s  Assassin’s Creed  book. And where Assassin’s Creed video  game is also very popular.Where Akhil is also  Socio-fantasy film and also  Akhil  The power of  jua  movie story contains some flavours of science.

Akhil The power Of Jua Movie Story  :

Akhil works as a guide for tourists in America. One day, he saw Sayesha Saigal who studies her PG in US. Akhil and Sayesha come closer and falls in love with each other. But one day, Akhil noticed that Sayesh was kidnapped by someone. In part of his search, he goes to South Africa forests, where he started a relationship with tribals.

One day, he came to know about Golden ball, which they (tribals) treat as their God. Akhil knows that the ball has a connection with Sun and he also came to know that, when a person touches that ball, something good will happen to their village. Will he able to touch that ball? Will he save Sayesha forms the rest of the story

Akhil  Movie Story Leaked

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