Al-Qaeda hacks Indian Railways website

On Tuesday, 1st march 2016, Al-qaeda hacks Indian Railway website. The micro site of Rail net was hacked by the Al Qaeda terror team. Al Qaeda hacked the Personnel Department of the Central Railway page and replaced a message from Al-Qaeda chief in south Asia, Mulana Aasim Umar.

Al-qaeda hacks Indian Railway website

Al-Qaeda posted a message by hacking the Indian Railway Website

The Al-Qaeda posted attached 11- pages document message.The message said, “Why is there no storm in your ocean?,” “Will the land of Delhi not give birth to a shah Muhadith Delhvi who may once again teach Muslims of India the forgotten lesson of Jihad and inspire them to take to battlefields of Jihad?” “Is there no successor left of the group that drenched itself in blood at Balakot, who possesses the spirit of rising in rebellion against a system based on disbelief and offering one’s life for Allah?,”

This message clearly says that, Al Qaeda is provoking Muslims of India to mingle with them. This has been started to make Indian Muslims to participate in Jihad to help them defeat United states. Al-Qaeda team is performing bad activities. Indian Muslims should be aware of this kind of bad inspiring messages through different sources from Al-Qaeda terror group.