Preparations began for another marriage in tollywood family? Allu Sirish is getting married???

Allu Sirish Tweeted About His Marriage Soon

Well it is well known to everyone that the Mega Producer Allu Arvanidh has 3 sons. Allu Venkat, allu arjun and allu sirish… After the marriage of allu arjun the marriage lines for his younger brother sirish got cleared…Allu sirish followed the path of allu arjun and came into the Film industry but sirish is not as successful as arjun but he is a good film maker.

Tollywood Hero Allu sirish tweeted about his marriage

Allu sirish has tweeted about his marriage in social networking site Twitter. Allu sirish is very much active twitter user compared to all the mega heroes out there. Today he had tweeted regarding his marriage.

 “Twaralone naaku Srimasthu subhamasthu.

Mi andhari aasesulu naku kavali.

Migatha Vivaralu ati Twaralo….”

This is what he has tweeted on twitter today.The actor wasn’t clear whether he was talking about his movie or about his real life marriage.But as he is young enough to get married the news must be about his real life marriage not about reel life marriage.But we should still wait for the official tweet for confirmation.

It turns to be festive season for Mega family fans

If our guess is right, then it would indefinitely turns to a festive session for all the mega family fans and also for tollywood because there is also official information regarding Chiranjeevi’s younger daughter Srija’s remarriage. So lets see how will  the Mega star and Mega producer react on this!!!

For more updates stay tuned!!!