Anchor Anasuya Love Story & Leaked Love Affair Revealed

Anchor Anasuya Love Story & Leaked Love Affair Revealed
Anchor Anasuya Love Story & Leaked Love Affair Revealed

Actress Anasuya is a very Popular and Hot Anchor in tollywood and Now she is Coming into News Most of the times with Controversis.previously , Anchor Anasuya Shared a Video with her Fans about Anasuya Love Story in Details.She said that when he waas Studying Intermediate,one guy proposed her and 9 years later that guy turned out to be her’s very Intersting.Her present husband is her lover 9 years ago. She also said that she used to punish her husband as she led the NCC camp during those days. During the initial days he used to buy her a lot of chocolates and story books.

Anchor Anasuya also revealed that she fought with her dad to marry her husband. Finally, she said that she got married to the guy she loved and is happily enjoying her life. So our cute anchor have a strong love story.

Now Anchor Anasuya Love Affair Leaked in Film Industry !! :

South India film industry is heavy competitive world for actress and actresses, mainly for actresses. With young talent entering in to industry every day it makes heroine carrier life span very less in industry. Recently small screen actors too adding up to this list and are giving some tough fight in Industry. In past few months around three anchors were introduce to silver screen and they proved they are heroine material.

Of these three Anasuya is top of the list, she already landed lead role in one film. Anasuya is one of the hot anchors on small screen who captured lot of attention with her well maintained physic and she is having huge fan base. She is grabbing handful of offers on small screen with her craze in audience. Even being a mother of 2 she is maintaining her physic as a Bollywood heroine shapes. Recently some rumors spread that she is in love with one comedian in film industry who is helping with her carrier. Now a new rumor is heard in film nagar that this gorgeous is dating an young hero.

Anasuya is very young hot Anchor introduced from jabardast show and Recently Swiched into Tollywood industry and Trying to Enter into Bollywood Also.She got a very popular craze like Bollywood Heroine Because of her physic and body maintanence.

Note : This is taken from Internet Sources,It’s very trending in Film Sources mouths and Goes Viral in Internet Like Rumors.Hope it Would Be Rumors Creating By Some Anti Fans.