Androids lack of security allows attackers to hack the fingerprints. The android devices finger prints are being easily hacked by the hackers.

Androids lack of security allows attackers to hack the fingerprints

Androids lack of security allows attackers to hack the fingerprints

From the beginning, Android OS is facing so many issues. Android which is popular in short span, become a strong contender to the iOS and windows OS. The present problem facing by the Android is Hacking.  Annual event which brings leading researchers on global information security risks together to collaborate announces a major security flaw affecting Android devices and users’ fingerprint data.

The “fingerprint sensor spying attack” – confirmed on the HTC One Max and Samsung’s Galaxy S5 – can remotely harvest fingerprints, allowing a hacker to extract copies of user fingerprint images. This is possible because the device makers don’t lock down the sensor completely, when it is attacked once in a place, then fingerprint data of anyone who uses the sensor can be collected.

If once device is attacked then the entire data will be hacked

Zhang explained, “In this attack, victims’ fingerprint data directly fall into attacker’s hand. For the rest of the victim’s life, the attacker can keep using the fingerprint data”. The sensor on some devices is only guarded by the “system” privilege instead of root, meaning that rooting or jail breaking your phone can leave the user at greater risk.

iPhone is quiet secure says Zhang

This threat is limited mostly to Android devices with fingerprint sensors, such as Samsung, HTC, and Huawei devices, Zhang publicly said that the iPhone 5s, 6 and 6 plus are “quite secure,” as the Apple devices encrypt fingerprint data from the scanner.

Researchers have warned that these security flaws apply not only to mobile devices but also laptops. The affected vendors such as Samsung, HTC and Huawei have released patches after being alerted to the threat, but researchers have still warned users to keep devices software regularly updated, and only install apps from reliable sources.

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