Sushant Singh Rajput Got Abused by Ankita Lokhande

Many B-town Couples heading to Splitsville this year, Sushant Singh Rajput and Ankita Lokhande is one of them too. They ended their 6 years old relationship and the reason behind this split is unclear.

Sushant Singh Rajput recently took to twitter to confirm his Break-up with his long term girlfriend and live-in partner Ankita Lokhande. By writing that “Neither she is an alcoholic nor I am a womanizer people do grow apart and it’s unfortunate”.

A source close to the actor says the opposite “Ankita does have a Drinking problem and Sushant had been getting a bit too close for comfort with females”

 Ankita Lokhande verbally abused Sushant Singh Rajput

At the Party both of them lost their temper and ended up having a major showdown. People at the party also reported that they both did not stopped shouting, specially Ankita whose temper was at some different level, Ankita have also seen that Sushant is trying to get too friendly with a very Famous Celeb and this led Ankita abusing his Boy friend in Hindi Expletives, So this the reason the reason for the relation went down.

The actress also Rubbished about break-up rumors in an Interview with Mumai mirror team, Ankita tweeted a popular Song from Akshay Kumar Movie “Hamari Chahato ka mitt naa sakgea fassana” with such contradicting statements and the fact that a friend has hinted that the break-up rumors could be a PR Gimmick for sushant’s upcoming MS Dhoni Biopic.

Before all this, both of them would send mysteriously cryptic messages to each other through twitter. But not anymore, a source tells that SSR have surely moved on in the life and does NOT want to get back where as Ankita is still hung on to SSR and wanted to Rework on their Relationship.