Anushka Shetty to act in another Historical Film

Anushka Shetty is not going to accept any glamour based characters instead she is going to accept historical based films or heroin oriented movies because Anushka got much name and fame due to these characters only. Anushka Shetty is a south Indian actress where she has given many hit films in the Industry. The movies like Varna, Rudhramadevi and the block buster movie “Baahubali: the Beginning” have placed Anushka Shetty in outstanding performer and in a different league.

Anushka Shetty to act in another Historical Film

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An Historical Film is waiting for Anushka

Immediately after completion of movie “Baahubali 2: the conclusion” has chosen to join the famous director Ashok for authentic fiction based movie named “Bhagmathi”. Currently, the director Ashok is busy in the post production work with the film makers waiting for a well suited release date. Ashok started to occupy the consideration on “Bhagmathi”. Because of the movie Baahubali: the conclusion, Anushka is not able to nod the head for other movies. From this December Anushka is busy in making of film Baahubali: the conclusion. After completing this film Anushka will be ready to do the film “Bhagmathi”. It is very important time for the talented actress to get into the most powerful characters ahead. Many powerful characters are coming to her direction.

Busy Schedule for Anushka

The director Ashok has narrated the “Bhagmathi” movie story to Anushka and impressed her with the character in the film. But due to the commitment that Anushka has given to Baahubali team should be completed and later she is ready to do the “Bhagmathi” film which is an historic story based film. This film shooting will be started as soon as Anushka completes the Baahubali movie. May be it will be completed by middle of 2016 and then she is going to start the film ‘Bhagmathi’.