Andhra Pradesh : Pawan Kalyan colony in capital

Guntur : Now, a colony in the name of Jana Sena founder and Telugu cine hero Pawan Kalyan set in the new capital, Amaravati. Farmers of Bethapudi in the capital region named Cheruvu Katta colony as Pawan Kalyan Nagar, in special recognition of their hero’s efforts at stopping forcible land acquisition by the government.

Pawan Kalyan colony in capital

An overview of Pawan Kalyan Nagar named after Telugu film actor Pawan Kalyanin Bethapudivil lage

The inhabitants of Bethapudi are seeking exclusion of their land from the government’s Land Pooling Scheme (LPS). The farmers are keen on saving their farmlands from the LPS, stressing that the land is providing livelihood to 20,000 people of Bethapudi and adjacent areas. The villagers claim that flower cultivation is the main profession of the farmers and jasmine, lilly, rose and all other types of flowers would be cultiwated throughout the year, engaging as high as 20,000 people. One earns Rs 350 to Rs 500 through flower plucking, they say, and hope Pawan Kalyan would protect their farmlands. The locals formed a committee to installastatue of former President Abdul Kalam, marking Pawan Kalyan’s birthday on September 2. This is asper a suggestion from Pawan Kalyan himself.


  • Bethapudi locals are ardent followers of Pawan Kalyan.
  • As many as 100 farmers are seeking exemption from the LPS.
  • Bethapudi farmers claimed that 125 acres of land out of a total of 250 acres was given to the CRDA under the LPS and farmers of the rest 125 acres are reluctant to give away their land.
  • Bethapudi is situated on a 12km distance from Vijayawada and 4km from Mangalagiri.

Committee president Mallikarjuna Rao said that during the last visit of the hero, they offered him lunch, and he gladly partook it. It was after they sought his help that the state government stopped land acquisition. Mallikarjuna Rao, as also other panel members N. Pitchaiah, V. Madhava Rao and Mutayala Rao, said villagers would spend Rs 18,000 for the statue installation. There altogether are 200 houses in which 800 people live.