Apple designs smart earbuds for sharing. Then ear pods are come in a way that they will acts in different ways when they are being used by multiple persons.

Apple designs smart earbuds for sharing

Apple designs smart earbuds for sharing

Apple designs smart earbuds for sharing : The Earbuds of Apple haven’t changed much from the past few years. Now a new patent unveils how the company make its white earbuds some more smarter.

Apple’s New earbuds concept

The concept, which was filed back in 2012 and approved by the US patent Office on June 2, details a sensor-packed set of earpods which can tell how many people are using them at once. If you have both earpods in your own ears, the music will be played in stereo. If you’re sharing the pair with a friend, then it switches to mono automatically with the help of sensors. That way you don’t end up hearing just half of the track.

The technology described that it would requires a ton of new sensors, with some placed in each earpod and others at the base of the wire where it splits in two directions. The sensors measures the space between each earbud, which determine how they are being used. If the wires are stretched a lot, it means that your earpods are being used by two people.

Concept applicable to single person

The same concept would work for the single person also. If the user want to hear the music with single earbud by removing the other, then it will switches to mono automatically. Apple doesn’t mention this possibility, but we assume it would work without too much of extra work.

There is no guarantee that whether Apple completes this project or not, Apple files for tons of patents every year and most of them get unused.But it is a clever idea, and hope it for doesn’t get brushed aside.