The APSRTC Declared 20% offer for passengers : The Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC) conducted meeting with the chief officers and staff. Later, the managing director of APSRTC Sambasiva Rao addressed the media and announced offers they decided. They have declared many offers and important one among them is APSRTC buses offer 20 percent discount for passengers travelling in last seats.

APSRTC Buses Offer 20 % Discount for Passengers travelling In Last Seats

Till now, we used to have same charges for everyone who takes ticket for RTC buses. But now this is going to change. The Managing director N.SambaSiva Rao announced that “RTC buses offering 20% Discount in ticket for the passengers who sits in last seats i.e., for last Two (2) rows which means Nine (9) seats.”. While talking to the media at Vijayawada, This offer will be applicable to Deluxe, Super luxury, Indra, Garuda, Garuda plus, Amaravathi buses. He added that they are solving all the aspects of RTC buses in order to make passengers comfortable. The passengers for are travelling to long distance (more than 250 kilometers) can hire the bus before 2 hours of the actual time in city, ordinary, metro express, telugu velugu, express buses.

APSRTC buses offer 20 percent discount for passengers travelling in last seats

He said, they have implemented a system for passengers to know when bus will arrive through advance bus arrival ring tone alert system. Presently this technique is being followed by 13 bus stands in 2 districts. The display LED boards are under process in all the telugu velugu buses for passengers benefit to know the nearby bus stand before 5 minutes. They are also thinking to arrange dental clinic, Sugar test center, and medical shops inside the bus stands. All these will come into practice from 15 May 2016.

You can take bus station for lease on any name

We are considering remodeling the bus stations and give shops for rent. In Delhi you can find some bus stations which are named as Vodafone bus station, Micromax bus station, this increases the income of the RTC. Those stations which have name will be remained same, but name less stations will be given to lease. There are 423 stations which are eligible for lease and lease owner can change the name of the station for 5 years. RTC will increase travelling of goods, said Sambasiva Rao.This is another important offer from the side of APSTRC.

Last seats discount is applicable for 3,200 buses

The RTC is going to implement to get 15% more passengers in all the buses. At present not more than 75-80% seats are being filled. No one is showing interest to sit in last 2 rows. That is the reason behind implementing this method in around 3200 long distance travelling buses. For example if ticket charge for garuda plus bus from Hyderabad to Vijayawada is 548 rupees. There will be 20% discount if you reserve the last two rows tickets which mean you can get 109 rupees off. The ticket will cost 439 only. This facility will be available either from 1st march 2016 or from 3rd week of March.

Conditions apply for discount

The discount is applicable only, if the front seats are filled. If the front seats are vacant then you should pay the normal charges for travelling. You can check the availability of tickets and reserve them through RTC website, ATB agents, Bus station reservation counter and also in RTC mobile phone application.