Arvind Kejriwal claims CBI raided his office, blames Narendra Modi

CBI on Tuesday morning raided Delhi Chief Minister Aravind Kejriwals office over corruption allegations against Delhi CM principle secretary Rajender kumar. CBI official said that that ET has filed a case against Rajender Kumar, Secretary to CM Kejriwal, on the allegation of misusing his official powers by favoring a particular organization in the previous two year for getting tenders from Delhi government department. After taking search warrant, raids are being carried out in the office and his residence of Kumar. This case was filed by Ashish Joshi, member Secretary, Delhi Dialogue Commission. Kumar was a former member Secretary of Commission.

The CBI exclaims that the office of the principle secretary was raided, not that of CM. there is evidence “which suggests that involvement of the principle secretary in corruption.”

CBI Raids Aravind Kejriwal CM Office in Delhi

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Aravind Kejriwal says, Modi is a Coward and a Psychopath

Aravind Kejriwal himself twitted about this raid, “CBI raids my CM office. When Modi couldn’t handle me politically, he resorts to this cowardice. Modi is a coward and a psychopath.” Kejriwal also added that CBI as liars, saying that files from his office were being looked into… “Let Modi say which file he wants..,” CM Kejriwal twitted.

Aravind Kejriwal’s Deputy, Manish, asked what message you are likely to give by raiding CM’s office.

West Bengal CM Mamatha Banerjee also supports Aravind Kejriwal on this raid, saying that She was shocked to hear of a raid on CM office.

Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu had said that Prime Minister Modi or the government of India has nothing to do with raids at Delhi CM office.

In the Rajya Sabha, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley explains that “the CBI raids had nothing to do with Aravind Kejriwal’s office. And the searches were conducted in 14 other places regarding a corruption case of an office it is not related to Kejriwal’s personal.”