Zika Virus Causes Severe Birth Defects

The Zika virus is spread from a mosquito named Aedes mosquitoes that are from Zika forest of Uganda. These mosquitoes are active at day time. This disease outbreak will be terrific for the people but our Scientists are understanding the virus. This Virus Zika Fever is related to Dengue, Yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis and West Nile viruses. This virus had spread from Africa to Asia. Even this virus had spread in French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Easter Island, Mexico, Central America, Caribbean and South America. The Zika virus had reached to certain levels in the world. And there is no particular mediciation or vaccination for this virus illness. According to CDC and WHO, Doctors and Scientists had find out that “If there is Zika infection during pregnancy, it can cause microcephaly in babies under developing brain and it effects adults also by Guillain Barre Syndrome or Miscarriage.” In this case, Doctors can only advice to postpone pregnancy to avoid risk.


How this Virus will transmit

Zika is mostly spreaded by Aedes aegypti, a female mosquito. This mosquito will be active all the day time. This mosquito will feed on blood to lay eggs. So to fetch blood this mosquito will bite people through this distribution of mosquito species the virus will gets injected in human blood veins. All genders will be effected by this virus. This virus can be transmit from many ways like blood transfusion, during pregnancy, physical connection. To avoid any risk factor all should be alert and take care of them and surroundings.

How Zika Virus effects Baby during pregnancy

Accroding to the Medical Research Centres, it find put that Zika virus can directly effect the fetus undeveloped brain and causes severe birth defects. In pregnancy if they are effects by Zika infection then it causes microcephaly in baby brain. Due to this the baby’s brain will loose its actuval size and developed cells in brain will left imcomplete. This causes severe defects in brain development of baby and also many complications may occur in pregnancy and birth time. The effects of microcephaly is as follows.

Zika Virus

Zika Virus causes neurological complications also. As per research, through this virus sometimes neurological condition will be in worst stage which results people’s immune system damage the nerve cells and cause Nervous breakdown. This leads to muscle weakness which compares with paralysis. These neurological complications related to this virus are dangerously inflammations of brain and spinal cord.

Zika Virus Symptoms

  • High Fever
  • Body Rashes
  • Severe joint pains
  • Conjunctivities (red eyes)

Becareful and avoid the risk of being ill with this virus. Because no medicine is discovered to prevent this virus.

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