B.Tech Student ended up his life in Kukatpally

B.Tech Student 21 years old Krishna Chaitanya had committed suicide by hanging himself on Tuesday Night at Nijam Pet, Kukatpally. He had committed suicide due to constant ragging by his seniors at the university. A suicide note had been recognized on the spot, which states that student had committed suicide because of ragging by his hostel mates.

B.Tech Student ended up his life in Kukatpally Hyderabad

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B Tech student Committed suicide due to Ragging

Student also stated that not only because of seniors mistreat to him but also forced him to do their personal works. He also wrote that he forced to buy a mobile phone for one of the senior using his personal money. Student Krishna Chaitnaya also wrote in suicide note that from several months he is forcing to pay mess and mobile bills of two senior’s student who are from Vijayawada.

Krishna Chaitanya also reveled in the note that he is beaten up by his seniors six months ago when he was refused to do their personal works and had to hospitalize with a deep wound on the left side eye. At that time student told his parents that he felt from Bike and got wound. When he came to home, his father took him to LV Prasad Eye Institute.

B.Tech Student Committed suicide after constant ragging

Krishna Chaitanya parents filed a case in the police station after his death along with the suicide note. Police officials were taken the student dead body for the post mortem and send it to Gandhi Hospital; police received the suicide note as well. Police registered a case and start investigating on the same. The victim B Tech Student Krishna Chaitanya is pursuing B Tech second year in Sathya Bama University. Krishna Chaitanya came to home for Diwali festival said his parents.