Baahubali Movie New Scenes Added on 12-07-2015 (Sunday)

As Per Film Unit Member Twitted in Twitter About Baahubali Movie New Scenes.He Said,at the Baahubali Ending Climax Some what Dissapointed Fans as Per Public Talk. So Planning to Add Some New Scenes into Movie And Moving Some 2nd half Scenes into 1st Half and Planning To Add New Scenes in 2nd Half. this Will Be Effect After Sunday or Monday in Big Screens.

Baahubali Movie New Scenes Added on 12-07-2015
Baahubali Movie New Scenes Added on 12-07-2015

These New Scenes were Mixed in Cube Prints on Saturday and in PXD,UFO and Other Digital Prints going to be Add on Sunday Said by Film Unit. But it’s Not Officially Announced By Director and Team Infront of Media. This Baahubali Movie New Scenes Surely Will give happy to the Audience.

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In Our expectations , SS Rajamouli Had Planned to Again get the Audience to Watch movie in Theatres. because , Everyone will Anxiety to See which scenes were added and Something.

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Baahubali movie is India’s greatest Motion picture which is creating records everyday. This is one of the best movies in Indian Cinema till date, which holds a place in History. The movie was very nicely shot, graphics were awesome and the direction was excellent.

The Fans of Baahubali were a bit disappointed regarding the climax of the Baahubali – The Beginning. They say that everything is super, but Baahubali – The Beginning Ending is disappointing. The normal audience coming out from the theaters also felt that something was missing in the movie. This feedback was posted to the director SS Rajamouli.

Rajamouli took the feedback positively, understood the gaps and said that they would add Baahubali – The Conclusion {Part – 2} Teaser to the Baahubali – The Beginning {Part – 1} movie in the editing. This would be a feast for the audience. The edited movie will be in theaters from today. [July 12, Sunday]. From today the addition of teaser will be playing in theaters. Since, audience are disappointed regarding the climax, Rajamouli has done these changes and added the Part 2 teaser which creates more interest.

People who have already watched the Baahubali film said that they’re going to watch today’s mixed Part 2 to see the movie again.

So,lets Hope Audience Will More Satisfy With these Scenes. All the Best to Baahubali Team and Jakkanna

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