Badmaash Movie review: Badmaash is a Kannada film, based on romance and thriller genre. The film is slated for the release on 18th November 2016 and the film is presented under the directions of Akash Srivatsa.

Badmaash Kannada movie

Badmaash Kannada movie review, ratings, storyline, cast and crew!

The film features Dhananjay, Sanchita Reddy as the leads of the film and the movie is produced by Ravi Kashyap. Slated for the release in some parts of the country, the advance booking of the film has started and you can book your tickets. The music composer of the film is Judan Sandhya who has scored with great music. The film is also said to have the thoracic play featuring the Kannada culture in the movie. The viewers will get to see the romantic number in the movie.

Badmaash Movie ratings:

The film is slated for the release on 18th November 2016. Undergone with all the legal formalities for the release, the film has secured with “U” certificate from the censor board. The running time of the film is 2 hours 4 minutes. The makers of the film promises its audience to keep entertained throughout the movie. The original critic’s ratings of the film are not yet disclosed but the film is featured to watch in the theaters nearby you.

Badmaash movie Storyline:

Badmaash is the upcoming Kannada film which is romantic thriller genre based. The story is about Vijay who is very intelligent, playful and witty lad. Th other important role of the movie is Priya who is an RJ and a fiercely passionate Kannadiga who tries to teach Kannada and Indian culture to Non- Indians through certain street plays and theaters play. Right form the first encounter, Vijay develops a strong attraction for Priya where the love story takes a start. Everything is said to go smoothly until a sudden change occurs when a cruel villain comes in between the love birds to part their ways. The movie is said to have interesting twists and turns that will keep you connected throughout. To know what it is, watch the movie in the theaters.

Badmaash movie star cast and crew:

Directed by Akash Srivatsa
Produced by Ravi Kashyap
Music by Judah Sandhya
Cinematography Shreesha Kuduvalli
Edited by Srikanth
Star cast Dhananjay, Sanchita Shetty
Releasing date 18th November 2016
Language kannada