Students from abroad face ban on UK work, Ban on the employment of foreign students in Britain, Need to have a job visa for working in london after your abroad education.

Ban On The Employment Of Foreign Students In Britain ?

Ban On The Employment Of Foreign Students In Britain ?

Many students are going abroad for higher studies and now they are facing difficulties. FOREIGN students from outside the EU will not be allowed to work while studying in Britain under new government rules.

Yes, the students who went to london for their higher education are in trouble now. After finishing the education, those who want to settle there with jobs got a shock. The Britan Home Secretary, Teresa passed a notification that, the students who finished their education should return to their countries and should get their job visa to get eligibility for jobs in britan.

Out of 1,21,000 students who came for higher education only 51 thousand people returned to their countries and the rest were settled in the jobs in britan and this leads to have unemployment for their country people. So,they are implementing this to decrease the number in unemployment in their country.

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