Bangladesh Keeper Mushfiqur Rahim Faces Criticism

Bangladesh Keeper Mushfiqur Rahim had tweeted about India’s Defeat. Mushfiqur Rahim is Bangladesh Cricket team wicket keeper. After Team India defeat against West Indies, Rahim had made sensational tweets. He tweeted that, “Happiness is this….!!! #Ha ha ha..!! India lost in the Semifinal”. This comments heated up all Indian fans. India lost the peek to peek match against west indies team. This made Rahim happy. So he posted that he is happy to see India team defeat. This is something which should not happen in the Sports environment. India fans started trolling Rahim for criticizing India team.


This is how Rahim had tweeted after the post match ceremony. He also posted in Facebook that, “Happiness is this…Now I can sleep much better.. Windies u beauty!!!” This clearly says that Mushfiqur is happy to know that India did not make it to Finals. This sarcasm is quite natural in Bangladesh. Indian fans and other nation critics had criticized Rahim for posting this kind of stuff.

Bangladesh Keeper Mushfiqur Rahim

Inzamum Ul Haq Reacted on Rahim’s Tweets

As most of the ordinary cricket fans, Inzamum Ul Haq, Farmer Pakistan Captain and present Afghanistan Cricket Team cricket coach. Had reacted to Rahim’s tweets and Facebook post. Inzamum trolled Rahim publicly. He tweeted back  as a reply for Rahim post on criticizing India after defeat. Inzamam tweeted that, “Rahim first you win a bronze cup in intercontinental cup and do your #ha ha ha”. He also tweeted “first you win one vengala kinnam in kindergarten trophy then you can come to the twitter. Is behave yourself.” This made Indian fans a big fan to Inzamum Ul Haq, generally India and Pakistan teams are always all time rivals in cricket. But Inzamum had supported India team and trolled up Bangladesh team wicket keeper for criticizing India after defeat against West Indies.


This is how Fans Trolled Mushfiqur Rahim for speaking bad about India’s defeat. These tweets are raising minute to minute. Everyone are angry about his tweets and tweeting him back stating about his standards.

Bangladesh Keeper Mushfiqur Rahim Apologizes after facing serious criticism


After a while, Mushfiqur apologies India for saying some harsh words about India’s defeat in Semi Final. He tweeted, ” Sorry to all of you guys…as i am a big West Indies supporter but anyway sorry again for some harsh words…!!!!” He also deleted his posts in which he criticized Indian cricket team. This tweets somehow made Rahim feel guilty after facing serious critics by entire world.