Banned! WhatsApp To Be Banned in UK within Few Weeks – Snoopers Charter Law

Now WhatsApp is Going to ban in UK ,Prime Minister Is Planning To Ban in UK Soon Under Snooper Charter Law. While With This Snapchat and Remaining Some Applications will be Ban.

Banned! WhatsApp To Be Banned in UK
Banned! WhatsApp To Be Banned in UK

Whats app – founded by Jon Koum which became very popular with in a short span of time. If there is Whatsapp there is no need to have recharges talktime, message balance etc. Every thing is possible by a single app in the smartphone, which is nothing but whatsapp. If there is Whatsapp in your mobile, you can make free calls to your loved ones, can send any number of messages and videos can also be shared. However, the facebook also owned this application by paying a huge amount to the developers by seeing its demand in the market.

Besides WhatsApp, other messaging services like iMessage and Snapchat are also facing ban as they currently scramble communications between their users.

Now, the whatsapp is going to be banned. Don’t get shocked, it’s not been in India. The UK government decided to ban the whatsapp in their country. Briton Prime minister David Cameron decided to ban the whatsapp in their country. Not only whatsapp, iMessage and Snapchat are also going to be banned in the Briton. The reason to ban those messengers is due to the special code language used by the people. The UK government decided to ban because of this type of coding messages sent by the people.

This troubling database of information, which will include all your Google searches, your Facebook conversations, WhatsApp group messages and SnapChat videos, will be made available to the UK police and Government whenever they require. Home Secretary Theresa May has warned the Investigatory Powers Bill could be passed this Autumn.
The recent spate of terrorist attacks – including the shooting of 30 Britons on a beach in Tunisia – has prompted the Conservative Government to act fast.

However, in India there is no restrictions against the usage of these kind of social apps. The whatsapp users per month in India on 2014 is 7 crores. This is been a record. 27% of selfies are from whatsapp only. 3,27,442 messages are sent in whats per a second in the world. 6,4000 crores of messages are sent in a single day, which is a overall record.