Beparoyaa Bengali Movie Review: Kellafate, Neel Akasher Chandni, Bajimat, Tulkalam and Raju Uncle’s Director Pijush Saha back again after 5 year for his next upcoming Bengali film “Beparoyaa”. Bengali Industry’s director and Producer Pijush Saha again Introduces new star “Surya” and “Papri”. Music release already few days ago. Movie shooting part complete , now “Beparoyaa” ready for going to theater. “Beparoyaa” movie is totally based on love and romantic story but action sequence is to vital part of Pijush saha’s this upcoming film.

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Beparoyaa Bengali Movie Review & Story

Movie video songs already gotten more positive feedback from audience. Bengali Film industry’s this director-producer Pijush is so popular for his directed previous films. Tollywood superstar Ankush started his film career by this director. So, all over bengali film industry so more excited for Pijush’s next film “Beparoyaa”.Young brave boy “Surya” who is under Police training got entangled in various cases which dragged him to the court. To avoid the situation Suryas’s father sent him to Haldia at his maternal uncle’s place.

He meets “Bristi” and falls in love with her. He proposes to Bristi but Bristi is not ready to accept. Raja who was also inclined to Bristi tries to get her forcefully. When Surya comes to know the incident and stood beside Bristi. Which lead into a fight between Surya and Raja.

Raja was severely injured and goes into a coma. Getting the news Rambabu came to Haldia and gets into a direct tussle with Surya. At the end Surya wins the battle against Rambabu and also gets Bristi.”Beparoyaa” release will in your nearest local theater at January 15th 2016.Stay with us for get more exclusive news about bengali film Industry and  Pijush Saha’s next “Beparoyaa”.

Beparoyaa Bengali Movie Rating

Beparoyaa Bengali Movie Rating: 3.5/5

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