The biggest airplane An-225 Mriya is coming to India

Ukraine Built Antonov An-255 ‘Mriya’ will be making overnight technical halt at Hyderabad Airport on its way to Prague to Perth in Australia.

The plane is called mriya which is Huge. Bigger than any other plane or ever built and it is also scheduled its maiden journey to India- the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport at Hyderabad.

The plane from Prague is scheduled to fly to turkenbashi in central Asia before landing at Hyderabad. After following out of India the plane will make one more technical Stop at Jakarta before reaching its last and final destination journey to perth in western Australia.

World’s Largest Cargo Aircraft An-225 Mriya To Land In Hyderabad On May 13

The biggest airplane An-225 Mriya is coming to India


As the reports says that, Hyderabad was chosen after evaluating various factors and conditions, firstly Hyderabad’s Airport have got  the longest Line runway length, it has got more technical facilities compared to other airports, and lastly because of Air traffic density and proximity to the trans-continental air route.

On 13th May that is tomorrow the Mriya will be landing in Hyderabad, the biggest aircraft that india would have ever seen

About Mriya

It is one of the biggest hand craft ever designed , it has a the wide body An-255, this plane is powered by SIX turbofan engines and this make the longest and heaviest airplanr ever built.

This plane can take off with a Maximum weight of 640 tones. As it is the biggest plane so it has also got the largest wingspan of any aircraft operational service.  It is specially built to undertake transcontinental route airlifting load between 180-230 tonnes.

In the last month the Reliance defense signed a strategic partnership agreement with Antonov Company of Ukraine for assembling, manufacturing and MRO of Antonov platforms in India, both for commercial and the military market.