Actress Priyanka Chopra tried to commit Suicide

Priyanka Chopra was most gorgeous actress and lady hero of bollywood. Actress Priyanka Chopra tried to commit Suicide, nearly two to three times but was saved by her manager at the nick of time. This information was revealed by her manager who was now ex-manager of the actress. Her ex-manager had tweeted about her tried to commit suicide on 4th April early morning 1 minute past 6’o clock.

This news may shock many, none will think this step will be taken by such a bold actress. Actress Priyanka was the lady hero who once tried to stop her life due to her imbalance career. Her ex-manager had also said in his tweet had the actress had tried to commit suicide two to three times during her struggling days.

What is the reason behind this step of Priyanka Chopra

Just a day after actress Pratyusha Banerjee’s suicide news, Prakash Jaju the ex-manager of Priyanka Chopra had tweeted an unbelievable revelation of her life. This news had spread all over social media. Prakash Jaju had even releaved about her personal life that how she was close to the mother of her ex-boy friend, after his mother death Priyanka had gone to depression and tried to commit suicide by jumping from top of the building but was saved by her ex-manager in a blink of second. This is her first attempt.

Later on she used to fight frequently with her boy-friend and cry all over the night. She had gone through lot of stress and in her career also at that time. Prakash even mentioned that Priyanka Chopra was an emotional person who take her close and loved one to her heart and cant digest of loosing them in her life. Due to some reasons Prakash Jaju had lost his job as her manager in 2008 and send to jail for 67 days by Priyanka’s father for involving in her personal life.