Flash News: : A Bonanza of 20,000 JOB VACANCIES in Andhra Pradesh

A Bonanza of 20,000 JOB VACANCIES in Andhra Pradesh

In Andhra Pradesh state, at various departments of state government had vacancies of 20,000 jobs. The State Ministry had agreed to fill all the jobs. The notifications for job vacancies are decided to be released. In Vijayawada, on 2nd April 2016 at Chief Minister Office the meeting with state ministers is held from morning to evening and they took decision of this important matter (job vacancies). The meeting was held peacefully and the job vacancies notifications are announced to be released soon by the state ministry Andhra Pradesh.

  • In a meeting, Andhra Pradesh State Ministry had accepted the bill
  • Permission had granted to announce the notification for jobs
  • Places for NIT, IIM are allotted
  • 600 Acres had allotted for Hero Company

Andhra Pradesh state Chief Secretary had decided to write a letter to Telangana state Chief Secretary as “Under Andhra Pradesh Re-establishment law’s 10th schedule, the organizations related to the Supreme Court justice are requested to be implemented.” Through this letter Andhra Pradesh state government had expressed its law schedule to the Telangana state government.

  • In Kadapa Mandal at Putlampalli village arrangements are done by Higher Education Department, where state government had allotted 10.15 Acres land to construct National Urdu University Center.
  • In Chittoor District at Satyavedu Mandal nearby Sri City, 600 acres had got allotted for Hero Company. Whereas, the Hero company had invested 1600 crores. And this company yearly production will be 18 lakhs of two wheeler vehicles.
  • In Anantapuram District, at Bukkarayasamudram Mandal in Jantaluru village 491.23 acres are granted to construct Central University. And at Somandepalli Mandal Tungedu village had got allotment of 409.53 acres to build Industries.
  • In Vishakapatnam District at Anandapuram Mandal, nearby Gambiram village 241.50 acres had allotted to construct IIM.