Brahmotsavam Movie Teaser Music Copied: Brahmotsavam Movie Teaser Released Tollywood actor Superstar Mahesh Babu is the most charming Hero in Tollywood industry and he is slowly making his movies towards the neighboring languages and expanding his market with his films. Pranitha Subash, Kajal Aggarwal and Samantha are playing female roles. SVSC managed to be a good success and attracted the family audience well.


Brahmotsavam Movie Teaser Music Copied By Mickey Music Director

Teaser of 0.36 secs which is going viral and creating lot of buzz. The music of the movie is scored by Mickey J Meyer. In the released trailer Mahesh Babu is looking very cool and handsome, the major highlights of the teaser is its family song,

coming to the details, music composition is considered one of the toughest and most creative job, but music in the teaser seems to be copied from English album. Nowadays, it is became trend that copying the music from other albums and saying it as inspiration. We can’t believe that how mickey can do this for a super star film. We hope mickey won’t become next Taman in Tollywood.Brahmotsavam song music picked from English Album, lets have look on both songs.Mahesh Babu Brahmotsavam Song Copied From English AlbumAvicii of ‘Wake up me up’ song .

It is not the first time which is happened in Tollywood, earlier Thaman has done same thing. It has become common that copy the music from other albums and say it as inspiration. The music of the song is similar from the pop song of album. It can also be coincident.

This movie had lots of expectations, but unfortunately, all his fans were disappointed as the tune in the song of this movie is copied from Avicii‘s Wake Me Up . This created lots of Buzz on Social Media.

Watch Brahmotsavam Movie Teaser:

Avicii – Wake Me Up (Official Video)

After the teaser was released, many alleged that Meyer copied background score from a pop song. Meyer broke his silence to make a lengthy post of denial.

“To my well wishers and music lovers – the teaser of my upcoming movie released today., and I was pleasantly surprised to find a song with a similar guitar riff – (a guitar chord progression that goes with the same chords that I used in my song) and some people started writing that the song is copied, well., it obviously isn’t and it is a original composition.

( the tune/melody/ orchestration ) a guitar chord can be same for many songs.,, no one has a copyright on a chord structure., I have over the years been non – vocal about my music and creative works in the social media., but with this incident I had to step out and write this post. It makes no sense to not voice the truth.. Atleast for the fans and friends who know me as a person.

I don’t have to steal., I have my skills with me., I am not in a rat race., and no, am not pressured by any directors to steal.. ( not Srikanth Addala for heavens sake !!!!! To say the least) Having written this my heart is a little lighter now., as I pray to my lord Jesus Christ to take me further into my musical journey and create music that will be appreciated by everyone. God bless everyone., and have a great New Years ahead,” said the talented music director.