BSNL Fancy/ Vanity/ Premium Numbers E-Auction from 8th Sept to 18th Sept

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has came up with a new scheme of Fancy Numbers / Vanity Numbers auction across India. The BSNL Fancy / Vanity / Premium Numbers Auction is going to be held from 8th September to 18th September. Interested clients can enrol with BSNL to get a fancy mobile number. This vanity number of BSNL is specially introduced to promote the users of BSNL Network. And also BSNL is giving tough competition to recently introduced Reliance Jio Network by implementing a variety of concepts to its clients. This is the excellent offer from BSNL, clients can make use of this opportunity soon to get one fancy number from BSNL. Check more details from the following article.

BSNL intends to offer e auction for the allotment of Vanity Numbers in the Corresponding Licensed Service Area (which includes corresponding Telecom Circle customers) to the eligible customers/ companies/Similar firms.

The vanity Number will be provided to the successful bidder. This vanity number will be in the Corresponding Licensed Service Area (which includes Corresponding Telecom circle ) with all facilities as per the plan like SMS,MMS, International roaming as per the published tariff of BSNL

The prospective customers/ Companies/firms must be an Indian Registered Company/Citizen of India

1. Certificate of Incorporation with copy of articles and Memorandum of Association should also be submitted along with the bid for companies/firms

2. The prospective customers/companies/similar firms should submit latest acknowledged copy of Income Tax returns form.

3. Individual customers should submit the address proof/Identity proof as per the guidelines of BSNL


BSNL Vanity Number Auction Details

BSNL has advertised that, clients of BSNL already using the same network with prepaid / post-paid options are not allowed to take new connections under this scheme. The BSNL Premium / Fancy Number E-Auction is only for new clients who wish to enrol with the BSNL Network.

The FANCY NUMBER auction of BSNL will be carried out for a total of 11 days, AP and Telangana state people can make use of this auction. Interested clients can make a bid for the fancy number at a fixed price. The BSNL fancy number prices vary as per the number. Check the prices and enrolment process from here below.

How to Get BSNL Fancy / Premium Number? & Prices of BSNL Premium Numbers

To take an interest in web auction clients need to register their mobile number on BSNL Portal and by paying ostensible enlistment charges of Rs.150/ – on chose vanity number which is Non-refundable to snatch personal identification proof vanity number.

Andhra Pradesh/Telangana Telecom Circle has altered base quality in extent Rs.1000/ – over the enlistment expense is Rs.150/ – . As indicated by the levels of premium/Vanity/Fancy numbers accessible in AP/TG Circle client can offer their required fancy number.

Join to Register Mobile number for Bidding BSNL Fancy Number through ONLINE. The above offering procedure will begin from 08-09-2016 00:00:00 hrs and finishes on 18-09-2016 23:59:59hrs. So, interested people can hurry to register to get a vanity number today. Here at below, the BSNL E-auction Official website has been mentioned. Cliek on the link to navigate to the BSNL Page, hence by clients can book their interested number at the specified cost.

Visit BSNL E-AUCTION Website to Get a  Fancy/ Vanity/ Premium Number