Railway Budget 2016 Highlights Download New Trains List, Costs

Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu, adapting to present his second Rail Budget on Feb 25, will disclose an arrangement to cut costs and in the meantime increment, non-traffic significantly to wade through the difficult phase in the public behemoth.

Budget 2016-17 Railways to slash operational cost, Curb Working Process

Railway Budget 2016 Highlights Download New Trains List, Costs

The target is to diminish working cost by around 15%. “The total working costs was Rs 1.62 lakh cr a year ago,” sources included. Legitimization of staff strength and improvement of workforce adjacent to the trimming of stipends are some of the ventures to be attempted to reduce working expenses.

The budget will likewise have various activities for improving passenger facilities, a key area in rail function, to make it more human benevolent, as per sources. According to the plan, the next fiscal is relied upon to witness managed endeavors to decrease the energy bill by 20% which is touching Rs 30,000 cr at present. While the power bill is about Rs 12,000 cr, diesel expense is around Rs 18,000 cr a year.

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Prabhu is concentrating on the generation of a considerable income through non-levy sources like, for example, promoting, parcel leasing, export of railway equipment and commercial exploitation of railroad area.

The redevelopment of 400 stations is a stage forward commercial exploitation of rail premises big. Railroads will give space at trains, stations, spans and other available places for advertisements.  Railway Budget would also focus on raising investment in an infrastructure development.

Finance Ministry has cut the gross budgetary support of railway to Rs 32,000 crore from the Rs 40,000 crore declared in the last rail spending plan.