CAT 2015 Tips & Tricks to Maximize your Score :

The Common Admission Test (CAT) is scheduled to take place on November 29. All the applicants seem worried about the paper. Given your preparation levels, and with very little time left, here’s how you can maximize your score.

CAT exams aspirant’s skills, but also requires capable decision making and problem solving under time stress. Taking mock CATs exam will help you know this. At the very most, try the official mock that has been put up on the CAT official website itself. Looking the question types and the testing interface earlier will definitely help you save some precious time during the official exam.

CAT 2015 Tips & Tricks to Maximize your Score, 1 Day to Go

Revise in a Relaxed Manner

Analyze your strength and weakness, sooner on the basis of mock CAT data and understand yourself. The thing you can do with your last minute preparation is revision and analysis. Stay positive and relaxed.

The applicants must know to choose questions well. The idea of analyzing your knowledge and speed was to allow good question selection. Each question is a test of your decision making skills if you find the question easy, answer it. If it is doubtful but time overriding, postpone it. If it is a known weakness or seems hard then try later only after the postponed questions have been deal with.

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Stay Calm and Decisive

The non MCQs are a bit drawback for people who are not really strong here. These questions will reduce your time without any apparent increase in your raw score unless you are really strong in the area.

Candidates writing for the first time will find out that questions will be somewhat different from what they are used to the mocks. Attempt only from your strong areas absolutely start with this approach and let the sum of time left decide your next round of attempts.

Students slow at reading should be aware to and possibly avoid, firstly, questions with long statements.