Chalk N Duster Hindi Movie Review:upcoming Bollywood movie. This film is all about teacher and student’s communication. It highlights the problem of teachers and students where teaching way in the education system is changing day by day. Juhi Chawla, Shabana Azmi, Zarina Wahab, Girish Karnad and Divya Dutta playing the lead roles. Movie is Directed by Jayant Gilatar, Written by Ranjeev Verma and Neetu Verma and Produced by Amin Surani.

Chalk N Duster Hindi Movie Review

Actress Shabana Azmi says she was skeptical about doing the educational drama “Chalk N Duster”, but Juhi Chawla’s enthusiasm for the film prompted her to give her nod.

Chalk N Duster Hindi Movie Review & Story

Chalk N Duster is the emotional journey of two teachers Vidya (Shabana Azmi) and Jyoti (Juhi Chawla), serving at a Mumbai-based high school. Their passion and love for teaching bonds them in a special relationship with their students. Their gratification is good grades, moral values they strive to impart to students. However, in an evil turn of events, Kamini Gupta (Divya Dutta) is appointed as School Principal. Cunning by nature, she exploits every opportunity to make profits for the school and decides to replace experienced teachers with fresh teachers, thus affecting the quality of the school’s education. Vidya and Jyoti fight together to earn their respect and credibility as teachers and unite against prejudices set by the management.

The story I liked it. But I felt that I didn’t know the people involved — the director and the producer. So I was hesitant. But then they took my brother Baba Azmi as the cameraman and the way he photographs me always makes me feel very much at peace. So I thought this is one positive sign,” Shabana said during the film’s promotion.
“But actually the deciding factor was Juhi Chawla ji, because she liked the story very much and she visited my house and arranged for a narration. I saw her enthusiasm for the film, which I felt was very good for the film,” Shabana said.She also said it was the first time she met Juhi.

Juhi had said in an interview that it was exciting to work with Shabana and that she couldn’t imagine anyone else in Shabana’s character.Shabana, who plays a Maharashtrian teacher in the film, said she modelled her character on her sister-in-law Sulbha Arya in terms of attire, jewellery and hairstyle.She said it was a pleasant atmosphere on the sets because a lot of scenes were shot with actual teachers and in real schools.Shabana also praised the other actors in the film.

“I am friends with Zarina (Wahab). Divya (Dutta) had played my daughter in ‘Umrao Jaan’, and has fulfilled her role excellently. Richa Chadda has done a special appearance in the film and has done a brilliant job and I’m sure her work will be appreciated. I’m also delighted to play Girish Karnad’s wife again after so many years.“Rishi Kapoor has also done a cameo and he is such a jovial kind of a person and I’ve always had a good relationship with him. He’s worked with grace and dedication and I’m really grateful, he’s done us a great favour,” Shabana said.
“Chalk N Duster”, directed by Jayant Gilatar, will release on January 15.

Chalk N Duster Hindi Movie Rating

Chalk N Duster Hindi Movie Rating: 3.5/5

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