The Chief Minister Mr. Chandrababu Naidu wants the Telugu film industry A1 star Junior NTR to be back into TDP. There has been some gap come up between the Telugu Desam Party and the Jr. NTR and he has been a major support for the TDP in 2009 elections. But Jr. NTR has been back into the movies since from then and he is focusing more on the movies. His career is going good in the movies but TDP now wants his support for them to lead their party further in the coming up elections.

Chandrababu Naidu wants Jr NTR in Telangana TDP

Chandrababu Naidu wants NTR in Telangana TDP

          Chandrababu Naidu has recently said that it would be better for them to have the young tiger NTR to be back into their party and it would help them a lot in the growth of their party. The election that has been commenced in the year 2014, TDP has taken the help of power star PawanKalyan to get more votes for their party and it has done well for them too. But this has raised some disrupts among the Tarak fans and the TDP supporters. The next time Chandrababu Naidu doesn’t want it to happen and hence he wants Jr. NTR to be back in his party.

          Chandrababu Naidu has taken this seriously and this would help the party a lot. He wants to deal with Tarak in a smooth and nice manner and want him to take their side. The other leaders in the party are also bringing up their efforts to let this be done and to invite Tarak into the party in no time. Tarak has not yet responded to this and we will be getting more and more information regarding this in the coming days. So just keep up here to know more details.