Sunny Leone Launches Chennai Swaggers team

Actress Sunny Leone launched Chennai swaggers team. Sunny Leone becomes latest celebrity to start own cricket team. she says she loves to watch as well as play sports and is also growing her passion for the sport of cricket. Sunny said, “I love sports. I love soccer, its one of my favorite sports but with cricket its something I have grown to be passionate about, its something that I enjoy watching.” at the Chennai swaggers launch event.

Chennai Swaggers team


Sunny is owner of Chennai swaggers team which includes television actors Rithwik Dhanjani,Mouni Roy and Sangram Singh.Sunny recently started her entrepreneurship with the perfume Lust by sunny and it is in the market successfully right now.After this, she expanded her entrepreneurship by owning the Chennai Swaggers team. Sunny launched her team Chennai swaggers with Daniel Weber.

Sunny Leone spotted over whelmed in the launch event of Chennai swaggers. She posed to media with bats and also with some entertaining postures.

chennai swaggers

Sunny leone said ” I played sports ever since I was a child. I played soccer and i was a part of the ping-pong team. I played Volleyball, basket ball and a lot of other sports while growing up.”

While speaking about her plans, sunny said, ” I am looking forward to see the Chennai swaggers playing well and hopefully winning some games. The plan is to win as many games as possible this year. I love being around sports, and I have always enjoyed it, being a motivator, cheering team and players up, getting them off the ground and getting them angry to want to play and win.”

They appeared in Yellow jerseys with the team logo. The team name itself means boosting up something, lets see how far  sunny can boost her team then.