Chikkadu Dorakadu Movie Review Rating Story line – Siddharth, Lakshmi Menon

Chartbuster hit Pizza director karthik Subbaraj’s film Chikkadu Dorakadu film review and Chikkadu Dorakadu rating provided hare below. Siddharth, Lakshmi Menon is major leads in this film. You can also obtain Chikkadu Dorakadu theatres list here. Premier Show live Updates and tickets advance booking online information accessible here.

Chikkadu Dorakadu Movie Review Rating

Chikkadu Dorakadu is an enjoyable travel picture with enthralling criminal with a some twists. Siddharth presentation is overwhelming and it is a director’s film. First Half goes fantastic fast and second half becomes good with accepted twists.

Chikkadu Dorakadu Movie story Line

Karthik {Siddharth} is a youthful movie creator. He tries to obtain excellent opportunities to become peak director. He enters in a realism fresh movie maker’s show. But terrified out from the show with interior politics. One of the show judges, Aadukalam Naren believes Karthik things. He needs to hearten the assistant director. He tells Karthi he is eager to obtain him back for the show, if he gives genuine gangster writing with good research. Karthik agrees and begins the investigate process for real criminal tale.

Karthik travels Vizag to create genuine criminal movie. He finds given name of infamous gangster Seth (Bobby Sinha). He needs to recognize his hobbies, where about, commerce during Kannamma (Heroine – Lakshmi Menon). She is the daughter of the women who makes foodstuff for the gangster. Chikkadu Dorakadu is a dubbed story of tamil hit Jigarthanda.

Chikkadu Dorakadu cast and Crew

Director: Karthik Subbaraj

Co Producer: Aathish Hariharan, Executive Producer: Bala Gopi

Cast: Siddharth, Lakshmi Menon

Release Date: 11th March, 2016

Key Points in the Movie

Second half Karthik gets down into problem with the gangster.

Why he invites troubles?

Why gangster needs to obtain reprisal against Karthik?

How Karthik approach out from the troubles?

What is the character of Kannamma? Is rest of the movie.

Siddhartha performance

Siddharth act sequences and comedian is overwhelming. Being a movie maker, Siddharth fulfils the character as Assistant direction.

Positive Points

First Half



Negative Points

Second Half


Screen Play

Rating: Coming Soon.

Chikkadu Dorakadu Movie Theatrical Trailer