Chiranjeevi’s scenes from Bruce Lee leaked in internet

We all know that Chiranjeevi gave his re entry in the film Bruce lee in which his son Ram Charan was hero. Chiranjeevi did a guest role in the film for about three minutes. Though the film dint reaches its expectations but chiranjeevi’s guest role touched everyone’s hearts. By seeing chiranjeevi on screen after a long time fans could not stop their emotions and captured the chiranjeevi’s scenes in their mobiles. And they didn’t stop by capturing in mobiles and some of the fans placed those scenes in the internet. And few fans captured videos too and those videos are also placed in the internet.

Chiranjeevi’s scenes from Bruce Lee leaked in internet

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Effects on Bruce lee film

The complete film unit where shocked with the leakage of chiranjeevi’s scenes. As the film Bruce lee film didn’t get its expected rating and chiranjeevi’s scenes leaked in internet is going to effect on the Bruce lee collections. Srinu vaitla who directed the Bruce lee the fighter film was with a full of expectations on this film but this things hurt the director most. Not all the scenes were out in the internet but few things that includes chiranjeevi’s entry scene too. The main importance of this film was chiranjeevi’s re entry but this gave shock even to chiranjeevi. The film was not impressive and main things of the film were out in the internet and now film unit could not know what steps they could take to run the film successfully.

Film unit complaint on the leakage

Bruce lee the fighter film unit has given complaint to consider department to remove all the scenes from the internet. The department people are now trying to take all scenes from the internet as soon as possible. But the scenes were downloaded in many mobiles. Let’s see how this situation affects the film and chiranjeevi.

Chiru scenes from Bruce Lee