Class 9 Student Delivers Baby in School Restroom

Yes, what you heard is true. Recently, 9th class student of government high school of Madhapur area in Hyderabad city have given birth to the baby girl in the school’s washroom. But, the girl’s father, classmates, school authorities and teachers have claimed that they were not aware of her pregnancy.

Class 9 Student Delivers Baby in School Restroom

TS Education Department Notices to School Teachers and Suspended HM

On Monday, hearing this news the shocked Telangana State Education department higher authorities have suspended the headmaster of the school Basavalingam. They also sent the notices to all the 9th class teachers to determine why and how these people have failed in recognizing that the girl was pregnant.

Following the complaint given by the girl’s father and the widower, the police officials of Madhapur area have registered the case under various sections such as Nirbhaya act, POCSO and other relevant sections. Police have believed that the parent can’t be unaware of their daughter’s pregnancy and they have told that suspect is escaping.

The girl was a nine months pregnant when she gave birth to the child. Police have told it was a normal delivery and they were being taken care in the hospital now.

School Staff about the Girl

The school staff have said that none of them have notice her pregnancy as she used to cover her stomach with the help of her scarf and when she sits on the class bench, she used to cover her stomach with the school bag keeping in front.

Police Investigation

The girl has only father and no mother and he is ignorant of her pregnancy. The parents of the girl used to live in the Chandunaik Thanda which was 1.5 KM from the cyber towers of Madhapur and they used to run small grocery store at their house, said police.

Police said that, they need to suspect who is known to the girl and they were on investigation. On the preliminary inquiry, the police have filed a case against one young person who used to accompany the girl to the school and the Dinesh is the person who is suspected to have made the girl pregnant.