CM KCR Cigarette Smoking Pic:Photograph shows the Telangana CM allegedly sticking a cigarette in his mouth and about to light it up on the banks of River Krishna before he flew back to Hyderabad.AP state’s Minister of Finance Yanamala Ramakrishnudu is also seen in the photograph. However, there are several arguments in support of the T CM saying that the photograph is morphed and that KCR, who was once a heavy smoker, has quit smoking long back, following his doctor’s advice.

CM KCR Cigarette Smoking Pic at Vijayawada


Chandrababu naidu has plannedly prepared 15 types of special Andhra food for KCR during his visit. Both of them spoke with smiles and laughs which is so much of interesting too. KCR has given invitation to Chandrababu and his wife. Babu got some fresh flowers to KCR during this period.A photo of KCR and Yanamala Ramakrishnudu is being in social network on huge today. KCR and Yanamala are both close friends earlier. So meeting him today near his helipad KCR was seen lighting a cigarette too. Few photos of the same are being viral everywhere but there is no official confirmation or leakage video on the same.

Many people earlier reported that, he is a chain smoker and he continuously smoking daily, but due to doctors’ advice, he quieted Cigarette smoking now.

However, this pic goes viral on Social media giants and got so many comments on this pic. However, Both CM’s greeted each other affectionately and talked about more some issues and their solutions during Telugu states. Anyway, some people stated that, this is not an original pic and somebody morphed this picture and created like a smoking. Whatever, it may up to now nobody responded on this.