Instant play casinos online have given us a way to keep ourselves entertained without stepping out for a gambling experience. However, every enthusiast longs for an awesome casino experience every once in a while. This is when going for a cruise casino is a great idea.

For a traveller who frequents cruise ships, casinos and gambling is a significant part of their journey. Casinos on a cruise give you the same experience that land-based casinos do, only on a smaller scale.

So, if you are going on a cruise and a casino is one of the activities you definitely wish to try, then you should be well versed with them.

Which cruise ships have casinos?

Almost all cruise ships have casinos including Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, etc.

Not only are casinos usually present, but they are also easily accessible and usually placed somewhere in the centre of the cruise. This is done to make sure that patrons can find the casino easily. Having a casino on a cruise usually helps a cruise line generate better revenue. Not only are passengers paying for food and lodging, but also for their entertainment. It is usually good income with respect to the higher house edge of different games.

Are cruise casinos any different?

The aesthetics and ambience of a cruise casino are not very different from those of a brick-and-mortar casino. There will be mood lighting, swish décor and a fancy bar. This is because cruise casinos wish to give you the feel of land-based casinos.

There are also a few limitations of cruise casinos. In a cruise ship, the ceiling can be low because the deck is right above. As a result, the casino space will seem to be a bit more closed in than in land-based casinos. However these things don’t get to you once you’re caught up in the excitement of gambling and meeting new people.

There are a few cruise lines that do promise to have a bigger casino area, where the casino opens up to the rest of the ship. The additional space is welcome and you can gamble away under the night sky and the dark sea.

Are payouts remarkably different?

Mostly, payouts aren’t drastically different from brick-and-mortar casinos. Some ships can have a varying house edge, which tips the scales in the house’s favour. Cruise ships are notorious for having a high house edge and, therefore, offer less payouts for players.

For a poker game at a land-based casino, the best payout offer is a 99.5% if the right strategy and betting tactics are used. On a cruise, however, an average poker game has a payout of only 94.9%.

For blackjack, the norm of payout is a 6/5 table. But on a cruise, the payout offered on average does not go beyond 3/2. Craps is another game that can have a restricted payout policy. This is why experts say that land-based casinos are better in case you’re just looking to win some money.

Even though the payout is a problem, you must not forget that enjoying a casino is usually better on the sea than on land.

What is the minimum age for gambling on a cruise ship?

There are many countries that do not allow you to gamble until you are 21. A few states in the United States of America also require you to be 21 before you can gamble your luck.

If you are eager to explore and wish to try your luck, a cruise ship might be the best place for you. The gambling age on a cruise is 18 years. Anyone 18 and older can enjoy themselves during an evening at the casino.


Casinos have a varied set of clients and so the game offerings are equally diverse. You will definitely find the more popular, easy games like slots, roulette, blackjack, and some bigger facilities might have poker tables too.

At cruise casinos, bets are made to be affordable by everybody. A table can have an initial bet at Rs. 50 that can go up to whatever maximum limit is decided by the cruise line. So, the next time you are on a cruise, don’t forget to pull up a chair at your favourite game table and give it a shot!