Mahendra Singh Dhoni Can’t Be Fit In Any other IPL Team, MS Dhoni who needs to say a few words about the ban agianst CSK in the IPL team.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni Can’t Be Fit In Any other IPL Team

Mahendra Singh Dhoni Can’t Be Fit In Any other IPL Team

If the CSK team is banned for two years from IPL, then the craze of IPL will steps to down. There is a connection between MS Dhoni and Chennai which is very special. There’s simply no Whistle Podu in Tamilnadu without this man. It is tough to see Dhoni representing any other team in IPL. “The Super Kings have benefitted from Dhoni like no other franchise has from any other cricketer,” says a franchise owner.

What about Mumbai Indians and Sachin Tendulkar?

“Well, Tendulkar was for India what Dhoni is for Super Kings. The entire country and the game benefitted from Brand Tendulkar,” he adds. His presence can make a huge difference in any place. “Sachin was the only one who could shift focus from one priority to another with sharpness. You couldn’t discuss cricket with him during a commercial shoot and you couldn’t discuss commercials with him on the ground. That was him,” a marketing executive adds and somewhere close is Dhoni, a man identified with World Cup and World T20 success as much as he’s identified as the Super Kings skipper.

Its up to Dhoni, who need to say something about this incident

If the suspension of Chennai Super Kings has raised one big question, it is about Dhoni. What will happen to his IPL career if the Super Kings don’t return? It’s a factor that’ll probably make franchises to think of their IPL budgets if he ever comes up for auction. Almost everybody’s waiting to hear what Dhoni has to say.  “It’s clear that Dhoni will ever leave India Cements,” says a leading sports channel executive who’s worked with the Team India captain. Because, Dhoni is employed with the company as one of its vice-presidents.

“He just won’t fit in any other team. It’s a question of ideology which began making its way into the IPL