Did Roja YCP MLA Act in Blue Films Asked by Reporter in Mukha Mukhi Tv9

Roja Selvamani is a South Indian actress and politician. She at present aligns with the YSR Congress party and wins as MLA from Nagiri in 2014 general elections. At present she is stopped acting in the films. She was the one of the Judge for the Jabardasth Comedy Show will broadcast in the ETV. She played the position of anchor in a show name ‘Modern Mahalakshmi’ before getting restored by Anasuya. Currently, she was suspended for the one year Assembly sessions.

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Did Roja YCP MLA Act in Blue Films

Shock!! A question is asked by reporter it is very shocking. YCP MLA Roja was interviewed by the biggest news channel. The difficult question is asked by the reporter is… Are you act in Blue films or not? Did you know the answer of the question then watch the Mukhi Mukhi Show will broadcast at Sunday 7.30 in TV9 channel. There is lot of discussions about the question in the Politics. In the earlier, the reporter asked the number of difficult questions to the famed politicians. They are so many situations are happened in this show. In the Chintameni Prabhakar Interview, Ram Gopal Varma’s Interview in this shows also these types of controversy questions asked by reporter.

Roja YCP MLA Interview in Mukhi Mukhi Show

So many people are eagerly waiting to watch the show. Some of the clips are released in the video. The reporter asked the Roja directly as like “I am asking straight, Are you act in the Blue films are not? After that cut in the video bit… Roja told” What type of questions are asked.. I am dying to listen this type of questions.. So people are keenly waiting for the “What is the answer told by the MLA Roja”. Then you can wait for the Sunday show.

If You Want Answer then, watch the Mukhi Mukhi Show will broadcast at Sunday(03/04/2016) 7.30 in TV9 channel.